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Report on 2014 Annual Sinopoly Battery Technological Work Conference

编辑:管理员 发布时间:2014-08-22 游览次数:2468

        In August 3, 2014 and August 4, 2014, 2014 Annual Sinopoly Battery Technological Work Conference was held in Tianjin base.
        In the conference, Mr. Miao introduced the present status of the battery industry development, cleared future development strategy for Wulong Group and battery business positioning in the group, and emphasized the importance of battery technology for the Group's future development. 

        In the conference, we reviewed previous work experience and existing product deficiencies, cleared the Group's future development goals, and made clear instructions for the second phase expansion project in Tianjin base, and raised new requests for future work in terms of technology, products, etc. 

        After the conference, Sinopoly Battery Staff will continue adhering to the enterprise spirit “Realistic, Innovative, Rigorous, Efficient”, keep going and continue innovation, and make efforts for further development of Sinopoly Battery.